Balangir GST Jurisdiction

Statecommissioneratedivision range jurisdiction
OrissaRourkelaBalangir DivisionBALANGIR RANGEBalangir District excet areas covered under Titlagarh Range
OrissaRourkelaBalangir DivisionBARGARH RANGETahesils of Muribahal, Titlagarh, Saintala and Bangamunda of Balangir District.
OrissaRourkelaBalangir DivisionBOUDH RANGEWhole of Baragarh District
OrissaRourkelaBalangir DivisionNUAPADA RANGEWhole of Nuapada District
OrissaRourkelaBalangir DivisionSUBARNAPUR - SONEPUR RANGEWhole of Subarnapur (Sonepur) District.
OrissaRourkelaBalangir DivisionTITLAGARH RANGEWhole of Boudh District.
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