Bardhaman GST Jurisdiction

Statecommissioneratedivision range jurisdiction
West BengalBolpurBardhaman DivisionRANGE-IPart of Dewandighi upto Palitpur road junction & area under Galsi ?II Block
West BengalBolpurBardhaman DivisionRANGE-IIDewandighi in the north and south of Palitpur road and Bardhaman-Katwa road under Sadar sub-Division
West BengalBolpurBardhaman DivisionRANGE-IIIBardhaman Sadar sub-Division excluding the areas covered under Ranges 1&2 above and Bardhaman Municipality
West BengalBolpurBardhaman DivisionRANGE-IVBardhaman Municipal area
West BengalBolpurBardhaman DivisionRANGE-VKalna and Katwa sub-Divisions in the district of Bardhaman
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