CBEC issued Master Circular on Show Cause Notice, Adjudication and Recovery

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These circulars address references from trade and field formations and provide clarity and uniformity on the issues raised. CBEC Board undertakes exercise of consolidating these circulars from time to time so as to ensure clarity and ease of reference.

This master circular on the subject of show cause notices, adjudication proceedings and recovery is an effort to compile relevant legal and statutory provisions, circulars of the past and to rescind circulars which have lost relevance. Annexure-I to the circular provides Annexure-I to the circular provides list of the eighty nine circulars which stand rescinded. Three circulars listed in Annexure-II have not been rescinded as they contain comprehensive instructions on the subject they address.

2. The master circular is divided into four parts. Part I deals with Show Cause Notice related issues, Part II deals with issues related to Adjudication proceedings, Part III deals with closure of proceedings and recovery of duty and Part IV deals with miscellaneous issues.
3. The provisions of the Master Circular shall have overriding effect on the CBEC‟s Excise Manual of Supplementary Instructions to the extent they are in conflict.
4. Difficulty, if any, in the implementation of this Circular may be brought to the notice of the Board.

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