How to change primary authorised signatory details

September 13, 2017   admin  GST Articles
How to change primary authorised signatory mobile number and email id in gst portal
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Need to change Primary Authorised Signatory Mobile Number and Email ID. Step by step guide to change primary authorised signatory details on (GST Portal) : 

Step-1 : Log on to (gst portal) to go to Login Page or click here

Step-2 : Click to Login button and enter your Credentials

Step-3 : In Dropdown of Services to – registration to  – Amendment of Registration Non – Core Fields

Step-4 : Go to the Authorised Signatory Tab and Add New Authorised Signatory person

Step-5 : Save the person and go to last tab called verification and submit the application via DSC/E-Signature/EVC.

Step-6 : Re-Login to portal after some time.

step-7 : Again to go to the Authorised signatory tab and deselect the Primary Authorised signatory person and select the New Authorised person you’ve entered.

Step-7 : Change the Mobile number and Email Id of new Authorised signatory Details you want to change.

Step-7 : Submit the application again using DSC/E-Signature/EVC.

Note : DSC is required in case of Company/LLP


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7 thoughts on “How to change primary authorised signatory details”

  1. DSC of old authorized signatory is required for amendment in authorised signatory in verification.
    As i have to change Authorized signatory i.e i don’t want old authorised signatory and add new Authorized signatory. In doing so i have added details of new Authorized signatory but in verification old Authorized signatory Dsc is required..

    So i want to know is amendment will be done and completed by old DSC .???

  2. Did all the steps. I have added a new authorized signatory and made it primary.
    Now when I am trying to file the gstr3b application it still showing only 1 (old one) signatory in drop down list.

  3. It is not clear as to ‘how to change the email ID of existing authorized signatory’.
    When I select amend-non-core-fields/authorized-signatory and then select ‘EDIT’, the details screen opens. But the fields are not editable.
    Please advise

    1. Incase you have entered same email id or mobile number of the new authorized signatory or of any of the directors/partners then the system will show error.
      Check for the same and enter different mobile number & email address for all the partners/ directors and try again.

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