Changodar GST Jurisdiction

zone commissioneratedivision range jurisdiction
AhmedabadAhmedabad-NorthChangodarRange IStarting from the Sanathal Circle, the Western side of the Sarkhej-Bavla Highway upto M/s. Modern Denim Ltd. Which covers area of Santhal Village, Navapura Village, Changodar Village, Village Moriya, Hotel Sarvodaya and includes Saket Industrial Estate, The new Ahmedabad Industrial, Kaushal Industrial Park, Sopan Kessar Industrial.
AhmedabadAhmedabad-NorthChangodarRange IIStarting from the Sanathal Circle, the Eastern side of the Sarkhej-Bavla Highway upto Changodar Industrial Estate which covers Vaghjipura and includes Panchratna Industrial Estate, Ratnamani Industrial Estate, Dholeshwar Industrial Estate.
AhmedabadAhmedabad-NorthChangodarRange IIIAshwamegh Industrial Estate, Tajpur Road, Gopi Industrial Estate, Shubhlaxmin Industrial Estate, Steel Town
AhmedabadAhmedabad-NorthChangodarRange IVAll units of Maha Gujarat Industrial Estate
AhmedabadAhmedabad-NorthChangodarRange VPillupura, Chancharwadi Vasna, Mahalaxmi Industrial Estate, Matoda, Sari, area falling on the left side of Sarkhej Bavla Highway after Maha Gujarat Industrial Estate upto Bavla cross road, Area falling on the right side of Sarkhej Bavla highway from M/s. Cadila Healthcare Ltd. upto Bavla cross Road. Areas of both sides of road turning right from Sarkhej Bavla Highway cross roads comprising of Modassar, Nani Devti and Lodariya Villages.
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