Child Yield – App for Children Mind Growth


ChildYield – Play, Learn, Grow

Child Yield is designed for the betterment of children parents and schools.

As we all know our process for the PTA meeting is very slow because of this, it leads to lack of children in studies.
Many times, it happens that parents are not aware of their child.
What are they doing in school?
How are they doing right or wrong?

Sometimes parents are so busy they even don’t have time to consider the children life. So, this is application will help you to track their children educational life.

Integrated Child Health Development Program – Achieving a high level of mental, physical and intellectual development of the child. Children represent the future of our generation. It is our prime concern to ensure their healthy growth and development. Healthy children make happy generation and a strong nation. The country needs a stable and healthier population to mark its growth at the global level. Parents, schools, and society as a whole are responsible for the integrated development of the children.

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As for now, we have article/stories/visual videos for the children. By perusing stories, the children extend their creative ability and considering and make them into little prodigies.

We have an elite segment committed to different sorts of short stories for children. From amusing stories to moving stories and genuine cases, your youngsters can learn qualities and great conduct from this articles, and a child can learn the importance of some basic morals. Our motto is “Learn, Play, Grow” we want every child should Learn the morals while playing and Grow with positive an attitude.

Upcoming features:

We will collaborate with the schools then you can easily see the performance of your child at one application like:

  • Attendance
  • Homework
  • Result/Mark sheet
  • Health report card
  • E-commerce for children stationaries
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