Daman GST Jurisdiction

Union TerritoryCommissionerateDdivisionRangeJurisdiction 
Daman and DiuDamanDivision-I DamanRANGE-IArea covering from northern side of Athiawad-Balitha Road upto Balitha Check Post. Area covering both side of internal road staring from Balitha Check Post upto Amit Industries and southern part of the internal road leading towards Prime Health care upto Kalpana Indu. Excluding units working outside the boundary of the Wellknown Group facing towards Talab.
Daman and DiuDamanDivision-I DamanRANGE-IINorthern side of Vallabh Jagan Road towards to Dayabhai Bunglow char rasta and Northern side of Dabhel Cricket ground road upto Mahatma Gandhi Udyog Nagar Road and west side of Mahatma Gandhi Udyog Nagar Road upto M/s.Prime Health Care Products char rasta and straight upto Gujarat border.
Daman and DiuDamanDivision-I DamanRANGE-IIIArea situated in East side of Silvassa-Khanvel Road starting from Dapada Char Rasta to Khadoli Char Rasta mainly covering the area of VIllages Khadoli, Amboli and Surangi.
Daman and DiuDamanDivision-I DamanRANGE-IVArea situated on both sides of Khadoli-Khanvel Road starting from Khadoli Char Rasta upto Khanvel Char Rasta & area situated on both sides of Khanvel-Dhudhani Road upto Dhudhani and area situated on both sides of Khanvel-Nasik Road upto Maharashtra Border and area situated on both sides of Khanvel-Talasri Road upto & excluding M/s.IOC and area of VIllage Parzai.
Daman and DiuDamanDivision-I DamanRANGE-VEast side of M.G Udyog Nagar Starting from M/s. Unimax Stationery upto M/s.Prime Health Care Products Char rasta and straight upto Gujarat Border. North and South side of Dabhel Co. Opp Society road starting from M/s.Prime Health Care Products char rasta upto M/s.Kulody including M/s.Jai Corp Ltd and excluding M/s.Kalpna Industires Ltd and North side of Dabhel Co. Opp society road upto Gujarat Border.
Daman and DiuDamanDivision-II DamanRANGE-IArea situated in the south of Vapi- Daman Road starting from Dabhel Checkpost upto Somnath Teen Rasta, bounded by left side of Somnath Road to BSNL Office, opp. Somnath Temple and left side of Agarwal Industrial Estate starting from BSNL Office to M/s.Inder Industries situated at S.No.644/19.
Daman and DiuDamanDivision-II DamanRANGE-IIArea situated on left side of Somnath Road starting from right side of Agarwal Industrial Estate i.e, DIA Office to ShIVam Industries to Faber and Castle VIa Brij Fabrics upto Kevdi Road including Somnath Co. op. Industrial Estate.
Daman and DiuDamanDivision-II DamanRANGE-IIIArea of U.T. of north of Vapi to Kachigam Char rasta Road upto KAchigam Char rasta bounded by area falling on right side of Kachigam Char Rasta to Somnath Road upto Kevdi Faliya excluding Somnath Co op Industrial Estate.
Daman and DiuDamanDivision-II DamanRANGE-IVArea of UT situated in south of Vapi-kachigam Road upto Kachigam Char Rasta bounded by left side of Kachigam Char Rasta to Zari Causeway Road excluding Ganesh Industrial Estate, Premier Industrial Estate and Kabra Industrial Estate.
Daman and DiuDamanDivision-II DamanRANGE-VArea of Ganesh Industrial Estate and Premier Industrial Estate situated in south of Vapi Kachigam Road.
Daman and DiuDamanDivision-III DamanRANGE-IArea situated in south of Vapi Daman Road starting from Somnath Teen Rasta bounded by Ringanwada Kachigam Road in West upto OIDC Office and upto the lane going to Cello Home Product (unit situated right side of lane including Cello Home Product).
Daman and DiuDamanDivision-III DamanRANGE-IIArea in the west of Somnath Kachigam Road starting from a lane going to Cello Home Products in north, i.e., area in left side of the lane upto M/s. Bharat Cottage in the south west and old Gurukripa canteen in the south east.
Daman and DiuDamanDivision-III DamanRANGE-IIIArea in the east of Ringanwada Kachigam Road starting from OIDC Office upto Royal Distillery- M/s. Bharat Cottage Road in the south bounded water bay in the east, OIDC water bay boundary in the north.
Daman and DiuDamanDivision-III DamanRANGE-IVArea situated in south of Royal Distillery Border- Old Gurukripa Canteen Boundary (including oyal Distillery & Khemani Distillery) upto Kachigam Char Rasta in south bounded by Somnath Kachigam Road in the east and Ringanwada Kachigam Road in the west.
Daman and DiuDamanDivision-III DamanRANGE-VArea in the West of Ringanwada Zari Causeway Rd. starting Varkund VIllage in the North VIa Kachigam & Kachigam char Rasta upto Zari Causeway including Kabra Industrial Estate situated East Side of Somnath Zari Causeway Road, Moti Daman.
Daman and DiuDamanDivision-IV DamanRANGE-IThe area situated in kalaria - varkund-Daman, road starting from kalaria out post to Daman College cross road and area of duneth VIllage.
Daman and DiuDamanDivision-IV DamanRANGE-IIArea of South side of Road adjacent to RMCL from Basukinath Mandir to Unique Pharmaceutical Laboratories and Glory Polyfilm, Kadaiya and South side of bifurcation of from Basukinath Mandir to Coast Guard Public School (Kg. Section) running through City area of Nani Daman.
Daman and DiuDamanDivision-IV DamanRANGE-IIIArea of south side of Road from Basukinath Mandir to Coastal Highway (from Plastiblends India Ltd.(Unit-2) to Panama Petrochem) covering north side of coastal highway up to Polycab wires Pvt. Ltd. (Unit-III) and Jayjee Poly Plast to Plastiblends India Ltd (Unit-2), Kadaiya.
Daman and DiuDamanDivision-IV DamanRANGE-IVArea of North side of Basukinath Mandir up to Nelson Global Products, left side of road starting from Nelson Global products to Air port Road, confining area by air port road up to Basukinath Mandir.
Daman and DiuDamanDivision-IV DamanRANGE-VArea of left side of road from Multibase India Ltd. to Coastal Highway, right side of Road from Multibase to Air port Road, up to Ajay Packaging, Sovering Pharma confined by Coastal Highway.
Daman and DiuDamanDivision-V DamanRANGE-IArea of Bharat Industrial estate, western side of coastal highway Road from Panchal Industrial Estate Char rasta to Mirasole Road up to Bhimpore area and rest of Bhimpore area, not included in any other range.
Daman and DiuDamanDivision-V DamanRANGE-IISilver Industrial Estate and north side area of Bhimpore charrasta to patalia road including Bhimpore road, excluding area of range-IV and area of Bhandarwad VIllage.
Daman and DiuDamanDivision-V DamanRANGE-IIIArea on the left hand side of the coastal highway towards Vatar leading up to the third lane on the first road of Panchal Industrial estate opposite M/s.Suzulon Energy which leads to the end of First Lane and further on right side opposite M/s.Western Consolidated and there again taking the second right turn up to the end of the right hand side area of the entire road up to M/s.Metal Link. Entire area of Keshar Indl Estate and Bhimpore Charrasta.
Daman and DiuDamanDivision-V DamanRANGE-IVFrom Vatar side the first lane of Panchal Indl. Estate starting with M/s.VIta Biopharma on the right and M/s.Laxmi Power Cable on the left up to the end of the first lane and onward left lane up to M/s.Payal Polyplast on the right and the same lane on the left leading up to the opposite on the both sides of M/s.Metal Link. Supreme Industrial Estate, Jani Vakand and left hand side of the coastal area from M/s.Perfect filament up to Patalia Road.
Daman and DiuDamanDivision-V DamanRANGE-VWhole area of Diu District.
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