Finalisation of GST Legislation Begins

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The government is eager to introduce the last batch of GST legislations this week in Lok Sabha, probably as early as Monday.

 “We want the bills to be passed in the coming week. Since most political parties have already agreed to support the bills, we are not anticipating any trouble in the smooth passage of the bills,” one of the ministers said.

This is the last legislative hurdle for this ambitious indirect tax reform, which the government aims to implement from 1 July 2017.

Separately, the GST Council—the representative body of the centre and the states—will meet on 31 March to finalize nine sets of rules.

The government has to bring in GST by 1 September as both the central as well as state governments will lose their powers to levy any kind of indirect taxes other than GST from 16 September 2017—a year after the constitution amendment bill for GST was notified.

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