GST bill at Rs 500, Can get in name of Finance Minister too

With the implementation of Goods and Service Tax (GST), a wide range of fake bills and frauds are taking place using the loopholes in its enforcement.There are large number of gangs at the border areas that help in availing the fake bills to transport goods. If required, the fake bills can be procured in the name of Finance Minister Thomas Issac too, it has been proved.As there are no Sales Tax Check Posts at the borders, loads of items are transported through here.

When GST came into force, the check posts became inoperative. GST is charged through e-billing at the collection centre itself and then there is no more taxing or inspection at the check posts.Near the Tamil Nadu border, the fake GST bills can be secured at Kaliyikkavila, Padanthalumoodu, Marthandam, Pammam and Nagercoil  areas for Rs 500. If name, address and vehicle number are given, bills can be obtained in that address.

Recently, when Finance Minister Thomas Issac’s name and address were given together with Rs 500 and asked for the bill worth Rs 1 lakh to transport goods on November 26,  an agent came with the bill containing GST number just in 15 minutes. The bill was in the name of Gowda Marbles and Granites at Hassan in Karnatka. The agent confirmed that there is no company in this name and the GST number was registered by them and also assured that no problems will arise due to this.

The agent also said that on a daily basis, hundreds of people come here demanding these bills.At the Amaravila check post, the officer informed that there is facility to check these fake bills here.  They can only collect and keep the e-declaration and the bill copy provided to them by the lorry drivers.Despite three months being over after rolling out of GST e-billing has not been implemented yet. With e-billing the officials will be able to check these bills online and prevent these types of frauds to a limit.


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