GST Compliance Manual India (Complete GST Compliance)

GST Compliances Manual India

GST Compliance Manual (Introduction):

The present indenture is compliance manual in GST regime. It contains documents to prepare records to maintain, accounting entries and other compliance required under GST regime in India.

The manual contains instructions for single state GST registration. In case of multi state, reader is suggested to replicate same steps / records etc for every state separately.

GST Compliance Manual (Disclaimer):

This note has been prepared for internal use MGS & Co. and their clients. All content is proprietary of MGS & Co.. This communication may contain confidential or legally privileged information. If you are not the intended recipient, any disclosure, copying, distribution or action taken relying on the contents is prohibited and may be unlawful. No liability is accepted for any harm that may be caused by the contents of this message. Thank you.

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CONTENTS (In GST Compliance Manual)

  1. Introduction
  2. Introduction
  3. Reverse Charge
    3.1. Purchase from Unregistered dealer
    3.2. Compulsory reverse charge on specified services
    3.3. Exemption in Case of Services Up to 5000 per day
  4. Input Credit
    4.1. Availability of Input Tax Credit on GST
    4.2. Input Tax Credit Specifically disallowed
    4.3. Utilisation of Input Tax Credit
  5. Accounting Entry
    5.1. Ledgers to be created
    5.2. Accounting Entries
  6. Documents to be Issued
  7. Return
    7.1. General Provisions
    7.2. Return for the Month of July, August & September due dates
    7.3. GST Return Applicability
    7.4. GST return flow
  8. Reports and Registers
    8.1. Records required
    8.2. Reports
    8.3. Other Important Points
    8.4. Register formats

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