GST could impact branded basmati rice companies’ profitability: ICRA

GST Impact on Branded Basmati rice

The profitability of the organised basmati rice companies is likely to be negatively impacted as the same will be subject to 5% Goods and Services Tax now, said credit rating agency ICRA.

The GST was implemented in India from July 1.

“Earlier basmati rice was subject to value-added-tax (VAT) or was tax free in different states. However under GST, basmati rice has been included in the category of branded cereals registered in the Register of Trade Marks, that attract a levy of 5% GST,” the ratings agency said.

This is likely to put the branded players in a disadvantageous position compared to the unbranded rice segment as it would further widen the pricing gap and may result in some transition of demand from branded to unbranded basmati rice, it noted.

Branded basmati rice companies will see some erosion of profitability as they would look to absorb the GST impact and maintain the pricing parity with the unbranded segment, added ICRA.

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