GST professionals getting huge salary hikes ahead of tax roll out

gst professionals hike in salary

As salary increments across Indian industries fall to, on average, single-digit percentage figures, goods and services tax (GST) professionals are bucking the trend, taking home hefty mid-term bonuses and increments for moving within the organisation into the GST team.

GST, the nation’s biggest tax reform, is set for a likely July 1 rollout. This has created a big opportunity for the professional services firms to help their clients understand the changing business and tax dynamics, evaluate its impact and take necessary action.

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However, availability of experienced talent that can handle the new single-tax system and the uniqueness caused by duality of rights of Centre and states is not enough in the local market. This is forcing many of these consultancies to woo inhouse professionals from other departments to join the GST teams and cut the load of pending work.

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