Know Assam GST Jurisdiction

Assam Commissionerate Jurisdiction

The Jurisdictions of Commissionerates of GST in Assam can be searched in table below

Statecommissioneratedivision range jurisdiction
Madhya PradeshIndoreDewas DivisionRANGE - IEntire Area falling on both side of NH 3 (A.B.Road) starting from Shipra rIVer to Dewas Bypass. Dewas Industrial Area No. 1 at the left side along the roadside of TATA International up to Tata Chauraha. Right side of Dewas bypass Road up to Bhopal Chauraha. Left side of A.B. Road of city area from Ujjain road corner to Maski bypass chauraha.
Madhya PradeshIndoreDewas DivisionRANGE - IIEntire Area falling under Industrial area No 2 of MPAKVN, includes M/s Naveen fluorine ltd., 100% EOU, Industrial area No 2, Dewas. Entire city area on the Right side of A.B. Road from sayaji dwar to Maksi bypass chauraha and on the east upto bypass road.
Madhya PradeshIndoreDewas DivisionRANGE - IIIEntire Area of Industrial Area No 1 from Tata Chauraha to Dewas City. Left side of A.B Road of city area up to Ujjain road corner.
Madhya PradeshIndoreDewas DivisionRANGE - IVEntire area falling under Industrial area No 3 of MPAKVN. Entire city area on the right side of A.B. Road from VIkas Nagar Bawadiya to sayaji dwar and on the east upto bypass road. Entire area of Dewas District excluding the area covered under Range I to III above which includes Siya Industrial area, Sonkacch Tehsil, Bagli Tehsil, Kannod and Tonk Khurd Tehsil and includes rest of the city area of Dewas.


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