Know Your State Code under GST

zone commissioneratedivision range jurisdiction
AhmedabadKutch (Gandhidham)BhujRange IBhuj City (Municipal Area)
AhmedabadKutch (Gandhidham)BhujRange IIMadhapar, Kukma, Lakhond, , Kanaiyabe, Paddhar and Chubadak.
AhmedabadKutch (Gandhidham)BhujRange IIIRudrani to Khavda, Dhorda, Hajipir, Loriya, Sumrasar, Mirzapar, Sukhpar, Mankuva, Deshalpar, Bharapar, Kera, Gajod.
AhmedabadKutch (Gandhidham)BhujRange IVNakhtrana Taluka
AhmedabadKutch (Gandhidham)BhujRange VAbdasa & Lakhpat Taluka.

The first 2 digits of the GSTIN is the State code, next 10 digits are the PAN of the legal entity, the next two digits are for entity code, and the last digit is check sum number. Know about GST India : Click Here

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