‘Maha Check’ to be conducted in Telangana to keep a tab on GST compliance

The Commercial Taxes Department of Telangana has decided to keep a check on the transfer of goods by starting a surprise ‘Maha Check’ to see if the new Goods and Services Tax (GST) norms are being followed, reports The Hindu.

The GST norms allow smooth transfer of goods after getting rid of the checkpoints — now passing on the responsibility to the traders to comply with the new norms of providing the authenticated documents. The documents include the e-way bill, among other Goods and Services Tax Network (GSTN) compliance norms.

The Commercial Taxes Department told the paper that until now they went easy on the industry because they were allowing firms the leeway to adapt to the revised norms. Now, however, the Department has decided to keep a check.

Sources told the paper that enough time has been given for the trade to adapt to the norms and that they have ‘deployed mobile teams to check the movement of goods with proper documentation in random places.’

Along with this, the official added, “A surprise ‘Maha Check’ will be conducted soon when goods and vehicles will be checked one full night across the State. The objective is to assess if the goods being transported are supported with proper documents.”

Even though the new tax regime has the provision for mobile inspection, the Centre gave time to the industry to get used to the revised norms before inspecting for evasions.

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