Navsari GST Jurisdiction

zone commissioneratedivision range jurisdiction
VadodaraSuratDivision-VII NavsariRANGE-I NAVSARINavsari Taluka (Other than Area falling under Kabilpore Range i.e.Range-II).
VadodaraSuratDivision-VII NavsariRANGE-II KABILPOREKabilpore GIDC Notified Area.
VadodaraSuratDivision-VII NavsariRANGE-III JALALPOREJalalpore Taluka of Navsari District.
VadodaraSuratDivision-VII NavsariRANGE-IV GANDEVIGandeVI Taluka (Excluding Antalia GIDC) of Navsari District.
VadodaraSuratDivision-VII NavsariRANGE-V CHIKHLIVansada, Chikhli & Khergam Talukas of Navsari District & Antalia GIDC.
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