Need to Change your Mobile Number and Email on GST Portal

September 13, 2017   admin  GST Articles
Need to change mobile number and email id to gst portal online
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You can change Directors/Proprietor/Partner/Members/Authorised Signatories Mobile Number and Email id on GST Portal Following the below steps : 

Step-1 : Log on to to go to Login Page or click here

Step-2 : Click to Login button and enter your Credentials

Step-3 : In Dropdown of Services to – registration to  – Amendment of Registration Non – Core Fields

Step-4 : Click on Promoter / Partners/Authorised Signatory Tab

Step-5 : Click on Edit Button of Promoter / Partners/Authorised Signatory Name

Step-6 : change Mobile Number and Email id or other details like Address of Promoter / Partners/Authorised Signatory and Click on Save Button

Step-7 : Go to the Last Tab Verification and Submitt your Application through DSC/E-Signature/EVC.

Step-7 : ARN Number will generate after submission of your Application. You can check your application status via this ARN Number (Application Reference Number) using this link : TRACK ARN STATUS

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15 thoughts on “Need to Change your Mobile Number and Email on GST Portal”

  1. In my company , a director had resigned. In gst his mail id ,and mobile number had been registered. Now I need to link up existing directors mobile number as the prior director does not willing to support and help any more due to some personal non cooperation attitude.
    Please guide to solve this problem.

  2. i m facing same problem of “SYSTEM ERROR OCCURED” while i put dsc in validation of NON-core amendments in registration, since 12th of Sep. & still waiting solution,

    Kindly advise solution if some body is having

  3. i furrther clarify that same dsc does not pose any problem while i use on the same system in other gst registration,

  4. This is about the change of directors or partner mobile and email id change ….. But if we need to change the mobile and email address on which we receive the OPT and all other documents. How can we do that… Please help me on this….

  5. I tried changing mobile number and email id but for that I had to uncheck primary authority signature. Else system wasn’t allowing me to change mobile no and e-mail id. I saved that form after editing and did verification also. Does that change e-mail n mobile no completely or will I still receive gst related mails or msg on my old number. I am asking this because I am a sole proprietor and I de-selected the Primary authority signature. Is it aproblem? Can anyone clear my confusion.

  6. I changed my number in amendment of core field option instead of non core fields now maten status is pending for validation i really need to change my number someone help me on this pl

  7. I had changed the email id and mobile no and got the status as approved but still old mail id nad mobile is there not possible to change. Please advice

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