No Levy of GST (All Items List) HSN Code & GST Tariff of free items

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GST Tariff of Free items from GST. No levy of GST
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Complete list of Items of Goods on which no Levy of GST (Nil GST Rate). Schedule of Goods items on which applicability of GST is NIL. HSN Code (Harmonized System of Nomenclature) list of items on which GST rate is NIL. GST Tariff of India of Tax Free Items : 


S.NO.Heading            HSN (Four digit)IGSTCGSTSGSTCompensation cess
1All goods other than live horses ,Live asses,mules and hinnies01010%0%0%0%
2Live bovine animals01020%0%0%0%
3Live swine01030%0%0%0%
4Live sheep and goats01040%0%0%0%
5Live poultry, that is to say, fowls of the species gallus domesticus, ducks, geese, turkeys and guinea fowls 01050%0%0%0%
6Other live animals01060%0%0%0%
7Meat of bovine animals, fresh and chilled 02010%0%0%0%
8Meat of swine,fresh or chilled other than frozen02030%0%0%0%
9Meat of sheep or goats,fresh or chilled02040%0%0%0%
10Meat of horses ,asses,mules or hinnies,fresh or chilled02050%0%0%0%
11Edible offal of bovine animals, swine, sheep, goats, horses, asses, mules or hinnies, fresh or chilled02060%0%0%0%
12Meat and edible offal,of the poultry of heading 0105,fresh or chilled02070%0%0%0%
13Other meat and edible meat offal,fresh or chilled02080%0%0%0%
14Pig fat ,free of lean meat,and poultry fat,nnot rendered or otherwise extracted ,fresh,chilled02090%0%0%0%
15Live fish03010%0%0%0%
16Fish, fresh or chilled, excluding fish fillets and other fish meat of heading 0304 03020%0%0%0%
17Fish fillets and other fish meat (whether or not minced), fresh or chilled03040%0%0%0%
18Crustaceans, whether in shell or not, live, fresh or chilled ;crustaceans,in shell ,cooked by streaming or by boiling in water,chilled03060%0%0%0%
19Molluscs,whether in shell or not,live ,fresh ,chilled;aquatic invertebrates other than crustaceans and molluscs,live,fresh ,chilled03070%0%0%0%
20Aquatic invertebrates other than crustaceans and molluscs,live,fresh or chilled03080%0%0%0%
21Milk and cream, not concentrated nor containing added sugar or other sweetening matter excluding ultra high temperature milk04010%0%0%0%
22Curd,Lassi,Butter milk04030%0%0%0%
23Chena or paneer and curd04060%0%0%0%
24Birds' eggs, in shell, fresh, preserved or cooked 04070%0%0%0%
25Natural honey,other than put up in unit container and bearing a registered brand name04090%0%0%0%
26Human hair, unworked, whether or not washed or scoured; waste of human hair 05010%0%0%0%
27Semen including frozen semen05110%0%0%0%
28Bulbs, tubers, tuberous roots, corms, crowns and rhizomes, dormant, in growth or in flower; chicory plants and roots other than roots of heading 1212 06010%0%0%0%
29Other live plants (including their roots), cuttings and slips; mushroom spawn 06020%0%0%0%
30Cut flowers and flower buds of a kind suitable for bouquets or for ornamental purposes, fresh, dried, dyed, bleached, impregnated or otherwise prepared 06030%0%0%0%
31Foliage, branches and other parts of plants, without flowers or flower buds, and grasses, mosses and lichens, being goods of a kind suitable for bouquets or for ornamental purposes, fresh, dried, dyed, bleached, impregnated or otherwise prepared 06040%0%0%0%
32Potatoes, fresh or chilled 07010%0%0%0%
33Tomatoes,fresh or chilled07020%0%0%0%
34Onions, shallots, garlic, leeks and other alliaceous vegetables, fresh or chilled 07030%0%0%0%
35Cabbages, cauliflowers, kohlrabi, kale and similar edible brassicas, fresh or chilled 07040%0%0%0%
36Lettuce(Lactucasativa) and chicory(Cichorium spp), fresh or chilled 07050%0%0%0%
37Carrots, turnips, salad beetroot, salsify, celeriac, radishes and similar edible roots, fresh or chilled 07060%0%0%0%
38Cucumbers and gherkins,fresh or chilled07070%0%0%0%
39Leguminous vegetables, shelled or unshelled, fresh or chilled 07080%0%0%0%
40Other vegetables, fresh or chilled 07090%0%0%0%
41Dried vegetables, whole, cut, sliced, broken or in powder, but not further prepared 07120%0%0%0%
42Dried leguminous vegetables, shelled, whether or not skinned or split 07130%0%0%0%
43Manioc ,arrowroot,salep,jerusalem artichokes,sweet potatoes and similar roots and tubers with high starch or inulin cintent,fresh or chilled;sago pith07140%0%0%0%
44Coconuts,fresh or dried,whether or not shelled or peeled08010%0%0%0%
45Other nuts,fresh such as Almonds,Hazelnuts or filberts,walnuts,chestnuts Pistachios,Macadamia nuts,Kola nuts Areca nuts08020%0%0%0%
46Bananas, including plantains, fresh or dried 08030%0%0%0%
47Dates, figs, pineapples, avocados, guavas, mangoes, and mangosteens, fresh 08040%0%0%0%
48Citrus fruit, fresh 08050%0%0%0%
49Grapes, fresh 08060%0%0%0%
50Melons (including watermelons) and papaws (papayas), fresh 08070%0%0%0%
51Apples, pears and quinces, fresh 08080%0%0%0%
52Apricots, cherries, peaches (including nectarines), plums and soles, fresh 08090%0%0%0%
53Other fruit, fresh 08100%0%0%0%
54Peel of citrus fruit or melons,fresh08140%0%0%0%
55Coffee beans,not roasted09010%0%0%0%
56Unprocessed green leaves of tea09020%0%0%0%
57Fresh ginger and fresh turmeric other than in processed form09100%0%0%0%
58Wheat and Meslin10010%0%0%0%
62Maize (Corn)10050%0%0%0%
64Grain sorghum10070%0%0%0%
65Buckwheat, millet and canary seeds; other cereals 10080%0%0%0%
66Flour,Aata ,maida ,besan (other than bearing a registered brand name)11010%0%0%0%
67Wheat or meslin flour11010%0%0%0%
68Cereal flours other than that of wheat or meslin11020%0%0%0%
69Cereal groats, meal and pellets other than bearing a registered brand name11030%0%0%0%
70Flour,of potatoes11050%0%0%0%
71Flour,of the dried leguminous vegetables of heading 0713(pulses),of sago or of roots or tubers of heading 0714 or of the products of chapter8 i.e.of tamarind ,of singoda,mango flour,etc.11060%0%0%0%
72All goods of seed quality-Soya beans, whether or not broken 12010%0%0%0%
73Ground nuts, roasted or otherwise cooked,whether or not shelled or broken12020%0%0%0%
74All goods of seed quality -Linseed, whether or not broken 12040%0%0%0%
75All goods of seed quality -Rape or colza seeds, whether or not broken 12050%0%0%0%
76Sunflower seeds, whether or not broken 12060%0%0%0%
77All goods of seeds quality-Other oil seeds and oleaginous fruits, whether or not broken 12070%0%0%0%
78Seeds, fruit and spores, of a kind used for sowing 12090%0%0%0%
79Hop cones,fresh12100%0%0%0%
80Plants and parts of plants (including seeds and fruits), of a kind used primarily in perfumery, in pharmacy or for insecticidal, fungicidal or similar purpose, fresh or chilled12110%0%0%0%
81Locust beans, seaweeds and other algae, sugar beet and sugarcane, fresh or chilled12120%0%0%0%
82Cereal straw and husks,unprepared ,whether or not chopped,ground,pressed or in the form of pellets12130%0%0%0%
83Swedes, mangolds, fodder roots, hay, lucerne (alfalfa), clover, sainfoin, forage kale, lupines, vetches and similar forage products, whether or not in the form of pellets 12140%0%0%0%
84Lac and shellac13010%0%0%0%
86Betel leaves14040%0%0%0%
87Cane jaggery(gur)17010%0%0%0%
88Puffed rice,commonly known as Muri,flattened or beaten rice,commonly known as Chira,Parched rice,commonly known as khoi,parched paddy or rice coated with sugar or gur,commonly knnown as Murki19040%0%0%0%
89Bread(brannded or otherwise), except when served for consumption19050%0%0%0%
90Pappad,by whatever name it is known ,except when served for consumption19050%0%0%0%
91Prasadam supplied by religious places21060%0%0%0%
92Water (other than aerated ,mineral ,purified ,distilled ,medicinal ,ionic ,battery ,de-mineralized and water sold in sealed container and Non alcoholic Toddy,Neera 22010%0%0%0%
93Tender coconut water and bearing a registered brand name22020%0%0%0%
94Bran, sharps and other residues, whether or not in the form of pellets, derived from the sifting, milling or other working of cereals or of leguminous plants 23020%0%0%0%
95Oil-cake and other solid residues whether or not ground or in the form of pellets, resulting from the extraction of soyabean oil 23040%0%0%0%
96Oil-cake and other solid residues, whether or not ground or in the form of pellets, resulting from the extraction of ground-nut oil 23050%0%0%0%
97Oil-cake and other solid residues, whether or not ground or in the form of pellets, resulting from the extraction of vegetable fats or oils, other than those of heading 2304 or 2305 23060%0%0%0%
98Preparations of a kind used in animal feeding23090%0%0%0%
99Common salt including iodized and other fortified salts,sendha namak(rock salt),kala namak25010%0%0%0%
100Human blood and its components30020%0%0%0%
101All type of contraceptives30060%0%0%0%
102Animal or vegetable fertilisers, whether or not mixed together or chemically treated; fertilisers produced by the mixing or chemical treatment of animal or vegetable products 31010%0%0%0%
103 -Organic manure ,other than put up in unit containers and bearing a brand name31010%0%0%0%
104Kumkum ,Bindi,Sindur,Alta33040%0%0%0%
105Condoms and contraceptives40140%0%0%0%
106Firewood or fuel wood44010%0%0%0%
107Wood charcoal (including shell or nut charcoal), whether or not agglomerated 44020%0%0%0%
108Government, Postal items, like envelope, Post card etc., sold by Government, rupee notes when sold to the Reserve Bank of India & Cheques, lose or in book form[4802,4817]48020%0%0%0%
109Printed books, including Braille books49010%0%0%0%
110Newspapers, journals and periodicals, whether or not illustrated or containing advertising material 49020%0%0%0%
111Maps and hydrographic or similar charts of all kinds, including atlases, wall maps, topographical plans and globes, printed 49050%0%0%0%
112Earthern pot and clay lamps69120%0%0%0%
113Bangles (except those made from precious metals)70180%0%0%0%
114Hand tools, the following: spades, shovels, mattocks, picks, hoes, forks and rakes; axes, bill hooks and similar hewing tools; secateurs and pruners of any kind; scythes, sickles, hay knives, hedge shears, timber wedges and other tools of a kind used in agriculture, horticulture or forestry 82010%0%0%0%
115Agricultural implements manually operated or animal driven82010%0%0%0%
116PARTS OF GOODS OF HEADING 8801 88030%0%0%0%
117Hearing aids90210%0%0%0%
118Slate pencils [9609] and chalk sticks.96090%0%0%0%
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