Odhav GST Jurisdiction

zone commissioneratedivision range jurisdiction
AhmedabadAhmedabad SouthOdhavRange IThe entire area to the East of G.V.M.M. covering north and south side of Odhav Road upto border of dehgam taluka including Kathwada, Singarwa, Bhuvaldi, Zanu Pasuni, lalpura, Kubadthal, Kanbha, Kuha, Kanjad, Bhatpur and Vadrel Village of Daskroi taluka and shed plot no. 1 to 140 of G.V.M.M.
AhmedabadAhmedabad SouthOdhavRange IIEntire area of GVMM excluding shed/plot numbers 1 to 140 and starts from right hand side of Odhav-Kathwada road upto all side (including all compounds).
AhmedabadAhmedabad SouthOdhavRange IIIAll the units of the southern side of Odhav-Kathwada main road of GIDC Odhav excluding area upto L-types shed and upto ATE Mfg. Co., including Chhotalal Chowk.
AhmedabadAhmedabad SouthOdhavRange IVThe area between Narol-Naroda Highway Road on West side and no left side, area of Odhav GIDC upto 80' wide road and including of 'L' type shed.
AhmedabadAhmedabad SouthOdhavRange VArea covering left side of Odhav-Kathwada road starting from 80' road upto the border of Kathwada Village.
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