Panel asks govt to exempt GST on haj

The Haj Committee of India (HCoI) has proposed to the Central government not to levy GST on Haj pilgrims in wake of subsidy rollback.
Haj committee member, Iftikhar Javed, who was in Lucknow on Monday, said that Central government has een requested to end airport tax in form of GST on hajis to ease some burden on the pilgrims.
“With the subsidy being withdrawn, pilgrims would have to pay an approximate Rs 25,000 including taxes of around Rs 10,000,” he said.
On Monday, the state haj committee held Qurrah (draw of lots) for selection of pilgrims for the pilgrimage to Mecca.
Of the total seats, 2,621 have been reserved for applicants over 70 years of age and 32 seats have been allotted to women who applied in eight groups of four going on haj without mehram (male accomplice).
The draw of lots was held at Ali Miyan Memorial Haj House off Kanpur road.


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