Panoli GST Jurisdiction

zone commissioneratedivision range jurisdiction
VadodaraVadodara-IIDivision-XI PanoliRANGE-IArea of Ankeshwar Taluka towards West side of Mumbai-Vadodara Railway Line
VadodaraVadodara-IIDivision-XI PanoliRANGE-IIArea of Hansot Taluka and Panoli Taluka excluding GIDC Panoli.
VadodaraVadodara-IIDivision-XI PanoliRANGE-IIIThis range covers area between canal passing through GIDC Panoli and Mumbai-Vadodara Railway Line starting from Plot No.1719 upto Plot No.640-653 and 2001-2018 M/s.Isagro (Asia) Agrochemical Ltd.
VadodaraVadodara-IIDivision-XI PanoliRANGE-IVThis range covers area between Bombay-Ahmedabad N.H.No.8 starting from M/s.Tagros Chemical India Ltd. upto Plot No.2384 and road ranging from M/s.Panoli Solid waste Ltd. passing through M/s.Arcoy Bio Refinary Ltd. and uptoSanjali Education trust and reaching upto M/s.Laffance (Plot No.321) extending upto PIL (plot No.237)
VadodaraVadodara-IIDivision-XI PanoliRANGE-VThis area covers entire Panoli GIDC except jurisdiction of Range-III & IV.
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