Rakhial GST Jurisdiction

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AhmedabadAhmedabad SouthRakhialRange IOn the northern side the jurisdiction extends upto and inclusive of Ajaji-ni-Canal, Khodani Muvadi, Ringlu-ni-Muvadi and Badodara Village of Daskroi Taluka. It extends Undrel, Bhavda, Bakrol-Bujrang, Susserny, Ketrod, Vastral, Vadod of Daskroi Taluka and including the area to the south of Ahmedabad-Zalod Highway. On southern side it extends upto Gomtipur Jhulta Minars, Rasta Amraiwadi road from its intersection with Narol-Naroda Highway towards east. On the western side it extend upto Gomtipur road, Sukhramnagar road except Gomtipur area including textile mills Viz. Ahmedabad New Cotton Mills, Mihir Textiles, Ashima Denims & Bharat Suryodaya(closed).
AhmedabadAhmedabad SouthRakhialRange IIOn the northern side of this range extends upto the road from Udyognagar Post Office to Viratnagar (excluding Viratnagar) Narol-Naroda Highway (Soni ni Chawl) upto Mehta Petrol Pump at Rakhial Odhav Road. From Malaksaban Stadium and railway crossing Lal Bahadur Shashtri Marg upto Mehta Petrol Pump on Rakhial-Odhav. On the eastern side it extends from Mehta Petrol Pump to opposite of Sukhramnagar at Khandubhai Desai Marg. On Southern side it excludes upto Narol-Naroda Highway from its crossing by Odhav Road to Rajdeep Society. On the southern side it extends upto kulcha road from Rajdeep Society to Nagarvel Hanuman upto Gomtipur Road(excluding Gomtipur Village) from opposite side of Khandubhai Marg. Jurisdiction of this range including seven Mills Viz. Anil Synthetics, New Rajpur Mills, Monogram Mills, VIVekananda Mill, Soma Textile Mills, Ajit Mills and Marsdan Spinning Mills.
AhmedabadAhmedabad SouthRakhialRange IIIOn the northern side the jurisdiction of this range extends upto Cadila bridge from bagefirdosh on NH 8 (both the sides). On the western side it extends upto Khokhara bridge. On eastern side it extends upto Ramol Village (including Village) Memadpura, Dhamatvan, Goharaji-ni-muvadi, BoVInal Pura, and Chablaji ni muvadi, bhuval, Harnij Village of Daskroi Taluka. On the southern side it extends upto road from Vatva char rasta to railway crossing in south east. Over and above, the following textile mills are included:-1. Ambica Mill No.2, 2.Bhalkia Mill (closed) 3.Rohit Mill 4.M.H.Mill No.2. On the northern western side it extends upto Nagarvel Hanuman, Via Bratmbhatta Road.
AhmedabadAhmedabad SouthRakhialRange IVIn the northern side the jurisdiction starts from Nehru Bridge to Kalupur Police Station of Relief Road, Fernandez Bridge to Gandhi road and Raipur Gate of Sarangpur road upto the Kulupur Railway Station includes Raipur, Sarangpur, Manekchowk, Sankadi Sheri, Khadia char rasta, Khadia, Panchkuva area. On western road it extends from Nehru Bridge to Behrampura along eastern side of River Sabarmati including Ratan Pole, Pankorenaka, Behrampura GIDC, Calico Mills and its allied units in Jamalpur Astodia area. On eastern side from Raipur gate to Kankaria Lake Maharshi Dayanand Marg including the area of City Mill Compound, New Textile Mills, Sarangpura Mill, Kesar-I Hind Mills, Abad Dairy, Hirabhai Market, New Cloth Market. Also in eastern side railway track from Kalupur Railway Station to St.Joseph Hospital to Kankaria Police Chowky include over the bridge from Sarangpur and Khokhara. It also extends from Kalupur Police station by Arjunlal road to Fernandez Bridge along Chandola leading Ramanlal Jari Marg than to VIVekananda road to its intersection with Sarangpur Road leading Maharashi Dayanand Marg to Kankaria Lakefrom ther Kankaria Circular road upto a pont of Swaminarayan College. On the southern side from Kankaria circular road upto Swaminarayan College road to Dani Limbda Police Chowky to Jamalpur Char rasta along side.
AhmedabadAhmedabad SouthRakhialRange VOn the northern side the jurisdiction extends from Mehta Petrol Pump on Rakhial Road upto Sarangpur Bridge. on easter side it extends upto railway track from Sarangpur Bridge to the area around St. Joseph Hospital. On southern side it extends upto Gomtipur Zulta Minara rasta on railway track to St. Joseph Hospital including Rajpur Hirapur and Gomtipur Village also upto opposite side of Sukhramnagar at Khandubhai Desai Marg. Jurisdiction of this range includes M/s ArVInd Intex (Nagri Mills), Arbuda Mills, Patel Mills, Ahmedabad Cotton Manufacturing Co and Ram Krishna Mill(Closed).
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