Registration under GST


Every taxable person shall be required to take registration in the states in which he has a place of business.  Though he shall not be required to take sepeate registration for each of such premises which falls within the same state.  Also, a choice has been given to the taxable person that he can obtain separate registration for each of his business segment.  Some of the salient features of registration are as under:

  • PAN based Registration: PAN will be mandatory
  • Unified application to both tax authorities
  • To be filed within 30 days
  • State-wise registration for entities having presence in more than one State; Need not apply separately for each State
  • Deemed approval within three days
  • Within a PAN, separate registration for separate business segments possible

Every registered person shall get a GSTIN for each of his registration.  GSTIN shall be same for registration under the two Acts.  GSTIN is built as under:



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