Revenue /Accounts Receivable under GST

Goods and service tax-gst reform- indias biggest refrom- july 1- revenue
Statecommissioneratedivision range jurisdiction
HaryanaRohtakBhiwaniRANGE-6 BHIWANIArea falling under the Bhiwani sub Division.
HaryanaRohtakBhiwaniRANGE-7 BHIWANIArea falling under the sub Division of Loharu, Siwani & Tosham.
HaryanaRohtakBhiwaniRANGE-8 CHARKHIDADRI Area falling under the district of Charkhi Dadri.
HaryanaRohtakBhiwaniRANGE-9 JINDArea falling under sub Divisions Jind in the district of Jind.
HaryanaRohtakBhiwaniRANGE-10 JINDArea falling under under the sub Division Narwana and Safidon in the district of Jind.
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