Sambalpur GST Jurisdiction

Statecommissioneratedivision range jurisdiction
OrissaRourkelaSambalpur DivisionDEOGARH RANGEWhole of Deogarh District.
OrissaRourkelaSambalpur DivisionHIRAKUD RANGEHirakud Notified Area Council & Maneswar Tehisil of Sambalpur District.
OrissaRourkelaSambalpur DivisionRENGALI-I RANGERengali Tehsil of Sambalpur District
OrissaRourkelaSambalpur DivisionRENGALI-II RANGEBamra Tehsil, Kochinda Tehisil and Jamankira Tehsil of Sambalpur District
OrissaRourkelaSambalpur DivisionSAMBALPUR-I RANGESambalpur Tehsil of Sambalpur District excluding Hirakud Notified Area Council
OrissaRourkelaSambalpur DivisionSAMBALPUR-II RANGEJujomura Tehsil, Rairakhol Tehsil and Naktideul Tehsil of Sambalpur District
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